Featured Documents

Sustainability management policy
of tourism in the Azores

Guiding document of the intentions of the destination with regard to sustainability, presenting the purpose and associated commitments.

Action Plan 2019-2030

Set of 23 sustainable commitments and 166 actions, duly articulated with the various regional secretariats of the Government of the Azores.


Risk Assessment

Document that identifies the current and potential level of risk of situations, planned, accidental or emergency, natural or anthropic, related to the scope of action of the destination.

Sustainability Report

Document that brings together the initiatives and results obtained in the context of the sustainability of the Azores.

Latest Resources

Sustainability Dashboard (2022)

Analysis of the main KPIs of the economic, social and environmental areas of the Azores.

Benchmarking Assessment Report (2022)

EarthCheck benchmark results of the Azores destination to measure performance.

Tourism Statistics (2021)

SREA Report with the main statistical results of tourism in the Azores for the year 2021.

Other resources