The Sustainability Charter of the Azores

An initiative of the Regional Government of the Azores to facilitate the implementation of sustainability practices by public, private and non-profit organizations throughout the Autonomous Region of the Azores.

An accelerator for sustainability in the Azores Archipelago

Created in 2017, the Sustainability Charter of the Azores is a voluntary initiative that aims to accelerate the transition of organizations in the Azores towards more sustainable and resilient business and governance models in a combined effort for the sustainable development of and in the region.

It is implemented by a support team specializing in sustainability applied to areas such as biodiversity, entrepreneurship, management, marketing, psychology and tourism. Personalized consultancy sessions, training workshops, forums for sharing good practices, among others, are some examples of activities aimed at subscribing entities.

People empowered
Hours of consultancy work carried out
Realised events

All sectors of activity are covered, and this is also a criterion for grouping the subscribing entities into Clusters to foster sustainable development in each sector.

Any organization, of any dimension, type and sector of activity can subscribe to the Sustainability Charter of the Azores, if it is registered in the archipelago.

Subscription is voluntary and marks the organization’s commitment, together with other subscribers, to follow a path to implement environmental, social, and governance sustainability strategies in the region.

Ongoing support from sustainability experts guarantees specialized consultancy and training, which is complemented by the provision of various technical tools and personalized resources.

The path in the Sustainability Charter of the Azores begins with the commitment, assumed at the time of subscription, to implement sustainability in the organization. This individual commitment is guided by a collective commitment of all subscribing entities to contribute to the sustainable development of the Azores as a whole.

The path of the

Sustainability Charter of the Azores

The current path of the Sustainability Charter of the Azores is the result of a reflection with stakeholders on the course of the initiative over 5 years. It was the result of contact with almost 300 public, private and associative entities from various sectors of activity and direct consultation with almost 100 entities.


Clusters are groupings of subscribing organizations that are similar in terms of their activities and/or impacts, thus structuring the great diversity of subscribing organizations in the Sustainability Charter of the Azores.

The Cluster approach makes it possible to leverage learning and create synergies between subscribing organizations with similar purposes. The aim is to foster sharing between organizations so that, together, they can accelerate their individual and collective journey towards more sustainable business and governance models and find efficient ways of solving common challenges.

In total, there are 7 Clusters:


The Moments in the Sustainability Charter of the Azores are key points in each subscriber’s journey towards integrating sustainability into their organization. In this model, each entity will have a different and unique path that will be adjusted in an evolutionary way to its organizational context and ambitions in terms of sustainability.

The first stage of the journey that the subscribing entities will go through again whenever necessary to (re)learn about developments in the organization's current situation.


Data collection.

✓ Evaluating the point in the journey.
✓ Allocation to a cluster by size and sector.


The "Get to Know" Moment is the starting point on the path of all the subscribing organizations. After this moment, the path in the Sustainability Charter of the Azores includes 4 additional moments: Empower, Prioritize, Involve and Report. After the “Get to Know” moment, each subscribing organization's path will be unique. Regardless of the organization, sector, and size, its path will be a continuously interactive process that will never have a predefined order.


At this point, the organization receives advice and takes part in capacity-building actions to develop technical knowledge in the field of sustainability that will enable it to.
✓ Acquisition of sustainability skills.
✓ Contextualizing sustainability in the organization.
✓ Tools for improving performance.
Areas of intervention are relevant to the sustainable development of the organization, and its ecosystem, and specified ways to measure and manage progress are signaled.
✓ Identifying priorities
✓ Definition of indicators
✓ Development of improvement management mechanisms
The organization strengthens existing lines of communication or creates new contact dynamics with agents in its value chain to establish partnerships toward common goals.
✓ Dialogue with stakeholders
✓ Developing projects with an impact
✓ Strengthening partnerships or establishing new ones
Acquisition of knowledge for sustainability communication and non-financial reporting by the EU Directive on Corporate Sustainability Reporting, mandatory for all small and medium-sized companies from 2026.
✓ Disclosure of progress
✓ Sharing priorities, indicators, and good practices
✓ Non-financial reporting

Subscription advantages

By subscribing to the Sustainability Charter of the Azores, an organization benefits:


Continuous monitoring


Technical tools

Training Actions

Online and face-to-face training sessions per Moment.


Online library with more than 50 resources and tools available for individual use.

Networking and Sharing Forums

Events that promote, among other things, good practices by subscribing entities and sustainability as a whole in the Autonomous Region of the Azores.

Management platform

Work and continuous learning tool for tracking and monitoring progress on the Sustainability Charter of the Azores.

Subscriber's office

The Subscriber’s Office is an information and ongoing monitoring center dedicated to the subscribers to the Sustainability Charter of the Azores. This space will allow for evolving management and continuous performance evaluation shared between the subscribing organizations and the monitoring team through weekly meetings.

The Subscriber’s Office aims to provide ongoing support to subscribing organizations. Through it, and together with the monitoring team, any organization can report changes in its operation, share successes and difficulties, clarify doubts, discuss adjustments to its objectives, and request a Cluster/Moment review, among other issues.

The Subscriber’s Office is open weekly on Tuesdays from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on a remote format.
Appointments are made on an open-house basis, with 30-minute sessions available for any underwriting organization to book.

Frequently Asked Questions

Subscription to the Sustainability Charter of the Azores is available to any type of organization (public, public-private, private, or associative) from all sectors of activity, if it carries out a registered activity in the region.

Subscriptionsare ongoing;therefore, to ensure that the monitoring team can respond, the first stage is to submit an expression of interest. Subsequently, a notification will be sent informing the organisation to start the subscription process by registering on the platform and filling in the “Get to Know” Moment form..

The time between expressing interest and subscribing is directly proportional to the number of organizations waitingto be able to subscribe.. Duringthis time, organizations that have expressed an interest will be periodically informed of the time they are expected to be able to subscribe..

All subscribers receive ongoing support tailored to their needsand organizational context .After submitting the “Get to Know” Moment, and like the process with any other organization, the reality of the technology-based subscriber considered, and a Cluster and Moment proposal is presented.

The Sustainability Charter of the Azores is a voluntary initiative open to all organizations, regardless of their level of knowledge on sustainability.
Although always subject to your approval, subscribing organizations that need to develop sustainability skills will most likely be allocated to the “Capacity-Building” Moment. In this Moment, they receive personalized consultancy, take part in training actions, and have access to a set of collective and personalized tools to develop or strengthen their technical knowledge in the field of sustainability.