LIFE AZORES NATURA project on the right track

The Regional Director for the Environment underlined the ongoing work under the LIFE AZORES NATURA project, at a meeting where actions were foreseen for the near future, and noted the “good development of the project, in line with the commitments and schedule set out”.

Hernâni Jorge stressed the importance of “giving visibility to the largest and most comprehensive nature conservation project ever designed for the Azores”, underlining its relevance “for the conservation of protected species and habitats in terrestrial, coastal and marine ecosystems of all the Azores Islands ”.

The Regional Director was speaking on the sidelines of a project management meeting involving all beneficiaries, including the Regional Directorates for Environment and Sea Affairs, Azorina, SPEA and the La Palma Biosphere Reserve.

The LIFE AZORES NATURA project, which covers 23 Special Conservation Areas, 15 Special Protection Areas and three Natura 2000 Sites of Community Interest, has a duration of nine years and a total budget of 19.1 million euros.

“This is a project that covers most Natura 2000 sites in the Azores, seeking to make a significant contribution to the conservation of species and habitats protected by the Birds and Habitats Directives in terrestrial and marine ecosystems of all islands in the archipelago,” he said. Hernani Jorge.

“LIFE Azores Natura’s strategy and project work is based on a strong institutional partnership that will actively contribute to these objectives, involving a range of entities with distinct natures and complementary technical capabilities, enabling the project to benefit from a solid and valuable technical, political and operational knowledge, thus ensuring the continuation of the actions after the end of the action, ”he added.

The Regional Director stressed that this is another measure that proves the growing investment of the Government of the Azores in nature conservation, consolidating the natural heritage as one of the main assets of the Region.

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