Graciosa: Leading the Way in Renewable Energy Usage

Graciólica’s hybrid energy production system, which began supplying electricity to the island of Graciosa on 21 August 2019, is an outstanding example of the use of renewable energies.

Since its operational debut, the project has achieved noteworthy outcomes, resulting in a savings of 8.9 million liters of diesel fuel at the Eletricidade dos Açores (EDA) hydroelectric plant. Moreover, between July 18, 2019, and August 31, 2023, the initiative has contributed to substantial financial savings, amounting to an impressive 8.2 million euros.

Graciólica has emerged as an emblematic project in the field of renewable energy utilization, enjoying the support of the Government of the Azores. This initiative not only exemplifies the Azores’ commitment to a greener future but also demonstrates the positive impact of harnessing hybrid energy solutions.

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Source: Jornal Açores 9