9 Circular Islands: Online platform that allows you to buy, exchange, and donate products.

Introducing a collaborative online marketplace that empowers Azoreans to purchase, exchange, and donate products across diverse categories, all while accessing services in alignment with the principles of the circular economy.

The 9 Circular Islands platform is a proactive initiative by the Regional Secretariat for the Environment and Climate Change, responding to the growing demand for promoting a more sustainable lifestyle across the islands. This platform offers Azoreans the opportunity to breathe new life into their belongings, simultaneously contributing to the extension of materials’ useful life in the Azores. Through this innovative online marketplace, users can not only purchase items at affordable prices but also sell items they no longer need, actively fostering product circularity within the region.

Through this platform, users can buy items at affordable prices and sell items that they no longer use, promoting the circularity of products in the region. https://9ilhascirculares.ambiente.azores.gov.pt/

Source: Açores RTP