The Regional Secretary for Tourism, Mobility and Infrastructure, Berta Cabral, presided, on September 22, the III Meeting of the Advisory Committee for the Sustainability of the Azores tourist destination, with the presence of entities that represent the regional interests, linked to the theme of sustainable tourism.

The agenda included sharing the guidelines of the Azores Tourism Strategy, which aims to attract a tourist who leaves more value in the destination, while respecting the natural and cultural heritage. The Regional Director of Tourism, Rosa Costa, added the need to work on the structuring of the product, valuing the authenticity and attributes of each island. Migrating the negative effects of seasonality, and measures that encourage the dispersion of tourists across the islands are goals that aim to promote more sustainable tourism.

The Azores DMO also provided an overview of the work carried out this year, highlighting the importance of the collaborative process and the involvement of the various public and private agents in order to achieve sustainable development goals and policies throughout the Region. Sustainable tourism must benefit, in the first place, the Azoreans.

Learn more about the actions and measures in the Azores Destination Sustainability Action Plan 2019-2030, HERE