Marta Guerreiro says that “people” are the “main asset” in a sector like tourism

Inglês The Regional Secretary for Energy, Environment and Tourism stated that “the main asset” in a sector such as tourism is “the people”, so it is important to focus on training and valuing the careers associated with it.

Marta Guerreiro stated the importance of entrepreneurs being “by our side”, giving as an example the award, by Bensaude Turismo, for the best student of Tourism degree in 2019 from the University of the Azores.

Marta Guerreiro spoke in Ponta Delgada, in the award presentation to the student Natacha Pinto, in the context of the event “Azores: towards sustainability”

“These awards represent the awareness our entrepreneurs of the current challenges of tourism, valuing those who will be future professionals in the sector” she said.

According to the Secretary, “one of our main challenges today has to do with the qualification of the destination, as it be services and infrastructures, but especially with human resources”, where “continuous training and updating are indispensable”, beyond the focus on initial training”.

“We can only speak of good growth if tourism continues to play an increasingly important role in the region’s economy, not only in terms of output but also in terms of employment and entrepreneurship opportunities”, she added.

At the time, the Regional Secretary presented an evolution of the sector numbers, with Azores being, since 2015, “one of the regions of the country that has recorded the highest growth in total overnight stays and traditional hotel revenues, successively breaking records never before reached.”

In addition to statistics, Marta Guerreiro noted the various awards and distinctions awarded to the Region that attest the sustainable development of the archipelago, highlighting the steps of the certification process of the Azores as a sustainable destination.

“This certification will also ensure a reinforcement of the international strategic positioning and notoriety of the Azores tourist destination, aligning it with a growing international awareness of consumers, already well visible in the new generations and their ability to influence others”, she said.

Regarding the profile of the tourist visiting the Azores, Marta Guerreiro focused on “the significant growth of tourist flows of new generations, aligned with the current tourist positioning of the Azores”, seeking products of active nature, tranquility, relaxation, high level of sustainability, appreciation of cultural immersion and preference for nature accommodation.

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