Azores Government holds “Green Teams” on all islands of the archipelago

The Regional Secretariat of Energy, Environment and Tourism will promote the holding of a set of forums to monitor the sustainability of the Azores tourist destination, called “Green Teams”, in all islands of the archipelago.

The first workshop will take place Thursday, August 29, on Santa Maria Island, followed by São Miguel (August 30), Terceira (September 3), Graciosa (September 4), São Jorge (September 5) , Corvo (September 9), Flores (September 10), Faial (September 11), and Pico (September 12).

In this first round, it is intended to make known the principles and guidelines of the certification process underway through Earthcheck, to present the Destination Management Structure and its operation, as well as to highlight the importance of destination certification as a strategy to deepen the path towards sustainability.

In these workshops, participants will analyze and define the priority performance areas on each island, discuss the actions to be implemented and the goals to be achieved.

In this sense, they will embody the implementation of an Action Plan per Island, according to the respective areas of activity, namely energy management and efficiency, greenhouse gas emissions, air quality, control of noise and light pollution, management of drinking water and wastewater and sewage resources, management and protection of ecosystems and biodiversity, land planning and planning, transport, management of solid waste and harmful substances for the environment and social, cultural and economic management.

The “Green Teams” aim to monitor, promote listening and reflection, issue opinions and make recommendations and suggestions on the certification process of the Azores as a sustainable destination, particularly on its planning, management and monitoring tools.

These geographic forums are made up of entities representing local interests, such as local authorities, associations representing civil society, businesses and citizens.

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