The Sustainability Charter of the Azores

An initiative of the Government of the Azores to encourage all sectors to move towards the sustainable development of the entire territory.

Created in 2017, this initiative of the Government of the Azores brings together the public, private and associative sectors in a joint journey to accelerate the adoption of the principles of sustainable development of the UN 2030 Agenda in the Archipelago.

The subscription is voluntary and marks a commitment by the organization to, together with other subscribing entities, tread a path to implement environmental, social and governance sustainability strategies in the Region.

The continuous monitoring by sustainability experts ensures specialized consulting and training that are complemented with the availability of various technical tools and customized resources.

The path in the Sustainability Charter of the Azores begins with the commitment, assumed at the time of subscription, to implement sustainability in the organization. This individual commitment is guided by a collective commitment of all subscribing entities to contribute to the sustainable development of the Azores as a whole.

Although composed of 5 moments, the path of sustainability is not linear and varies from one organization to another: this is a unique and continuously interactive process. The first step is the moment to know: the organization provides data about its situation and affinity with the domain of sustainability. At any point in the walk it may be relevant to go back to the moment (re)recognize and (re)see at what point of the path the organization is.

330 empowered people
372 consultancy hours provided
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The path of

the Sustainability Charter of the Azores

The current path of the Sustainability Charter of the Azores is the result of a 5 year work with stakeholders from all 9 islands, that counted with almost 300 public, private and associative entities from various sectors of activity and the direct consultation of almost 100 entities.

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