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    Signatory Information

    Commitment 1

    Commitment 2

    Commitment 3

    Relationship with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

    Select the enhanced SDGs (4)

    Select the mitigated SDGs (5)

    (1) EXAMPLE: Reduce electricity consumption
    (2) EXAMPLE: Percentage of consumed electricity to be reduced in relation to the previous equivalent period (consider additional metrics: for example, should consumption be per person, or connected to occupation rates or production volumes?)
    (3) Insert the date in which you intend on achieving the commitment
    (4) From the listed SDGs, choose only those which will be enhanced by your commitments. EXEMPLES: 7th to 12th SGDs
    (5) From the listed SDGs, choose only those which will be mitigated by your commitments. EXAMPLE: 13th and 15th SDGs

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