António Ventura highlights growth of qualified PDO and PGI products in the Azores

António Ventura, Regional Secretary for Agriculture and Food, emphasizes the notable growth of PDO and PGI community qualifications in the Azores, with the positive impact on the local economy by boosting employment and preserving the environment.

António Ventura emphasizes the crucial importance of certifications in rural regions such as the Azores, influencing development, land-use planning and tourism policies. Currently, the Azores offer a variety of PDO and PGI products, such as: Azorean Pineapple, Azorean Honey, São Jorge Cheese, Pico Cheese, São Miguel Passion Fruit, Ramo Grande Meat and Azorean Butter. In turn, the Azores Meat, Santa Maria Cantaloupe and Graciosa Garlic have been registered as PGI products.

Photo: Governo dos Açores | Source: Governo dos Açores