The Regional Secretary for Environment and Climate Change took advantage of the World Environment Day to present the Miosotis Azores awards.

This is an award to recognize environmental excellence in tourist accomodation.

Alonso Miguel highlighted the importance of this award and the effort made to ensure good practices from the point of view of environmental sustainability, highlighting the sector’s additional effort in meeting all the difficulties faced over the last year and a half with the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Regional Secretary for the Environment and Climate Change assured that he will continue to promote environmental sustainability, guaranteeing hard and constant work in the preservation, conservation and promotion of the natural heritage, along with innovation and assistance in the implementation of good environmental practices in the tourism industry.

It was with this context that, in 2012, the Miosotis Açores award was created, which aims to distinguish good practices carried out by the accommodation units. Currently, the Azores has 136 awarded accommodation units, 34 of which will receive the award this year for the first time.

Alonso Miguel stated that this is a regional environmental recognition distinction, rigorous and without any associated costs, adapted to local characteristics, which provides technical monitoring in order to encourage Azorean accommodation units to implement good sustainability practices, valuing and recognizing those who work in that direction.

The Miosotis Açores award covers different areas, namely in terms of saving resources, namely water and electricity, correct waste management and protecting the protection and enhancement of biodiversity, as well as promoting local products and services.

Source: Açoriano Oriental