Government of the Azores celebrates World Earth Day with awareness raising in all their schools.

Azores celebrated World Earth Day with an environmental awareness campaign, in an ‘online’ format, covering all schools in the Azores, from the Primary education to Secondary Education.

This was an initiative of the Regional Secretariat for Transport, Tourism and Energy, through the Management Structure of the Sustainable Tourist Destination, Azores DMO, in partnership with the Regional Secretariat for Education, this collaboration was essential for the realization of this activity.

The campaign aimed to raise awareness of the various environmental issues, and to share practical examples of the Azores as a sustainable destination, as well as to encourage domestic tourism in the region, since young people are opinion makers when choosing a holiday destination, and the Archipelago, as a tourist destination, is in line with proactive and experiential tourism, whose offer is based on a wide range of activities both on land and at sea.

The action also had the purpose of creating a common conscience for the importance of the need to preserve the world’s natural resources, and for the urgency of adopting more responsible behaviors.

There was a dynamic program throughout the day, which addressed various themes of sustainable tourism, and suggestions were also shared on how everyone can be a real agent of change in society through daily choices and behaviors.

In carrying out this action, the Regional Government of the Azores managed to reach several schools in the Region, and to involve young students. Working close to the youngest is an elementary piece to combat the various environmental challenges and for the future sustainability of the Region and the planet.

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