The Regional Secretary for Energy, Environment and Tourism revealed today that the Azores are once again included in the TOP 100 list of Sustainable Destinations by Green Destinations.

“It is recognitions like this that make us continue this path towards sustainability with more strength and more enthusiasm,” said Marta Guerreiro.

“I cannot fail to show pride and satisfaction for receiving, once again, this acknowledgment, which places the Azores at a high promotional level regarding to sustainability issues, which we strive for and are recognized for”, stressed the titleholder of the Tourism wallet.

The official emphasized that, since last year, the Azores have been certified as a Sustainable Tourist Destination, being the only archipelago in the world and the only region in the country with this distinction, considering that “this was a work, not always visible, of the last years , with very positive consequences, especially in the times we are currently experiencing”.

“We have seen a reconfiguration of the tourism sector, but in this matter, the Azores anticipated a set of actions and measures”, said the Regional Secretary.

“We must be proud to be leading this path of sustainable development in tourism”, said Marta Guerreiro, reinforcing, however, that “a destination with sustainability certification can never consider that its work is finished and that is why we are in the second year of the certification process, starting now to win the Gold Award for Sustainable Destination by EarthCheck, the certifying destinations entity”.

“EarthCheck is governed by strict criteria of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, that is, with the United Nations seal, which attests to the quality of its action and our certification as a Sustainable Tourist Destination”, she emphasized.

“The aim of the Azores is to maintain this strategic positioning and to continue to affirm the Region as a world reference of destination, effectively, sustainable”, she guaranteed.

According to the governor, “it is important to be more and more ambitious and continue to work to reach the highest levels of this certification”.

With this TOP 100, Green Destinations recognizes and presents stories of sustainable tourism and its good practices as inspiring examples for other Destinations, for tour operators and for travelers.

The TOP 100 list of sustainable destinations can be accessed at:

In 2020, Green Destinations had already distinguished the Azores in the ‘Best of Nature’ category, in 2019 in the ‘Best of Europe’ category, as one of the regions that contributed to Portugal being awarded, and in 2018, in the category ‘Best of the Atlantic’.

Since 2012, the archipelago has also been awarded by the Quality Coast, a Green Destinations program, and since 2014 it has been a platinum destination, the highest level of this award, which distinguishes the best practices from sustainable destinations.

Green Destinations is a non-profit foundation for the development and recognition of sustainable destinations, leading a global partnership of representatives, specialized organizations and academic institutions.