Azores Government launches pilot project ‘Azores for All’

The regional secretariats of Social Solidarity and Energy, Environment and Tourism are promoting the pilot project ‘Azores for All’, an initiative that, in this first phase, takes place in the islands of São Miguel and Terceira.

The Regional Secretary for Social Solidarity stated today, at Aerogare das Lajes, where she accompanied the departure of the first group, that this is another action integrated in the Regional Strategy to Combat Poverty and Social Exclusion, as this inclusive tourism program aims to “promote equality of opportunity, being addressed “to citizens, resident in the Region, with permanent disabilities”.

“This program aims to facilitate access to leisure and tourism for people with disabilities”, as well as “knowledge of the Region, socializing, socializing and strengthening the socio-cultural ties of the participants, as already happens in the program “My Azores, My Loves” said Andreia Cardoso.

For her part, the Regional Secretary for Energy, Environment and Tourism stated at the reception to this group of participants in Ponta Delgada that, for the Government of the Azores, “the realization of this project is an important instrument for promoting equality of opportunities and social inclusion, as well as boosting the regional economy, in the low and middle seasons of tourism, hotels and restaurants”.

“This is just another measure within the strategy that we have been consolidating over the last years, which highlights the importance of tourism in the life of all Azoreans, as it is a sector with very positive impacts on the environmental, economic and social development of the countries. Azores, ”said Marta Guerreiro.

The Regional Secretary also emphasized that, in this context, “together with Cresaçor, a survey of all infrastructures adapted to people with special needs is being finalized, in a work that aims to promote the archipelago as an inclusive tourist destination”.

In the first phase of ‘Azores for All’ there will be two trips during this month, one to the island of Terceira (25-29 November), with people of Santa Casa da Misericórdia da Maia, and the one that began today, to São Miguel (November 18-22), with people of the Christian Youth Association.

Trips will last five days and will consist of a group of six participants and three companions, in addition to the creation of a specific animation program, adapted to the characteristics and profile of the participants.

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