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category: best practices


As part of the application to the EEA Grants of the Project 'Deposit System for Non-Reusable Beverage Packaging in the Azores', the Regional Government of the Azores will install, in the course of this year, 25 reverse logistics machines covering all municipalities in the Azores.

The equipment is intended to receive plastic (PET), metal (aluminum) and glass beverage packages with a maximum capacity of up to 2.5 liters, giving the consumer a premium of at least € 0.05 per package, which will be in cardboard and that later can be collected by the citizen in the RIAC - Integrated Citizen Support Network

All Azoreans will receive an information pamphlet in order to learn about the objectives and operation of the system.

This initiative has as partners the biggest embalmers of the Region, Cooperativa Vitivinícola da Ilha do Pico, Melo Abreu and PROMINERAL, also counting on the cooperation of the ntegrated Citizen Support Network (RIAC), as well as with the companies linked by the tied Urban Waste from the Azores, EQUIAMBI, MUSAMI and RESIAÇORES.

With this project, the Azores are preparing to respond to the new European challenges, within the scope of the circular economy and in the fulfillment of the recovery and recycling goals.