Açores- Destino Sustentável


ao primeiro arquipélago do mundo certificado como destino sustentável.

ao primeiro arquipélago do mundo certificado como destino sustentável.

to the first archipelago in the world certified as a sustainable destination

Carbon calculator

Saiba a quantidade de emissões de CO2 produzidas nas suas atividades diárias.

Saiba a quantidade de emissões de CO2 produzidas nas suas atividades diárias.

Find out the amount of CO2 emissions produced in your daily activities

Sustainability Charter of the Azores

Uma iniciativa para estimular todos os setores a caminhar rumo ao desenvolvimento sustentável de todo o território.

Uma iniciativa do Governo dos Açores para estimular todos os setores a caminhar rumo ao desenvolvimento sustentável de todo o território.

An initiative to encourage all sectors to move towards the sustainable development of the entire territory

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Join us,
towards a more

sustainable future

The path is travelled every day, in the harmonious alliance between people and nature to make the Azores a unique and sustainable territory!

Aware of the importance of preserving the natural, environmental and cultural heritage of the Azores, the Azoreans have been active protagonists of the sustainability of the Region.

Here we continuously work to promote sustainable development in all areas of activity, in order to ensure a better quality of life for those who live and a differentiating experience for those who visit us.

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Good practices in the Azores

Sustainability policies have been developed at the level of the production and management of energy, noise, air quality, waste, water, spatial and landscape planning, at promoting environmental education and awareness actions, valuing endogenous products, heritage and Azorean culture.

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Potable water




of the water in the Azores is safe for human consumption.





of the electricity produced in the Azores comes from renewable sources, in 2010, the figure was 28%.

Biosphere Reserve



- The Graciosa, Flores, Corvo and the Fajãs de São Jorge Islands are UNESCO Biosphere Reserves.

- Azores implement LIFE and BLUE programs, and 33,000 hectares are included in the Natura Network 2000.

World Heritage



- The Historical Centre of Angra do Heroísmo and the Pico Island Vineyard Landscape are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

- Azores Geopark is a unique UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Graciólica Project



A project to reduce fossil-based energy.

Urban Waste




of the Azores' municipal waste is recovered and seven islands have a recycling rate of over 80%.

A sustainable destination

The Azores are a destination of 9 islands , with natural, historical and cultural resources that make it unique. For this reason, for more than two decades, initiatives that lead to the protection and preservation of these resources have been privileged.

Sustainability is the only way for Azores Tourism. We face this commitment with a great sense of responsibility, which is why we have submitted the Azores to a rigorous sustainability certification process by EarthCheck.

Only through a collaborative structure we will achieve true sustainable development

Azores DMO

Under the auspices of the Government of the Azores and the Regional Secretariat for Tourism, Mobility and Infrastructure, DMO’s main function is to coordinate sustainability efforts and initiatives acting as a stimulus for the development of sustainable tourism with partners in the public and private sectors.

Be a part of it!

Your collaboration is fundamental for the certification of the Azores as a sustainable destination.

This space is open to you.

Leave us your opinions, suggestions and questions.

We go from words to actions |

The Sustainability Management Structure – Azores DMO acts as a facilitator of sustainable development throughout the Azores Region, mobilizing public entities, private entities and non-governmental associations to collaborate towards a more sustainable future. With the certification process of the Azores as a sustainable destination by EarthCheck, we demonstrate how we move from words to actions, monitoring and measuring annually the level of compliance with the commitments made for the sustainability of the Azores.


The certification process is demanding, with a set of strict criteria that the Azores Region has to meet. The process is verified annually by external audits.

The Sustainability Charter of the Azores

We want everyone to be a part of it! That’s why we created the Sustainability Charter of the Azores – a pioneering mechanism for the adoption of the SDGs throughout the Region.

Travel sustainably